Astronaut Magazine took part in an interesting panel discussion about tablet strategies moderated by John Canning. My fellow panelists were the writer and director Ramona Pringle and the creative technologist for NFB Vincent McCurley. Previously, I stumbled across a project for which Vincent did the flash development. “Welcome to Pine Point” is an interactive web documentary by Michael Simons and Paul Shoebridge, who are collectively known as The Goggles and are both formerly creative directors of Adbusters magazine.

The scrapbook-like website gently explores the subjective memories of the erased town’s residents and shows how drastically a community can change if the major employer just vanishes. In the case of Pine Point, a major mining company shut down in 1988, which triggered the town’s disappearance. At its core, this interactive documentary is about how we remember the past and how predictions about other people’s lives mostly don’t hold up. Posted by Micka in June 2014.