Astronaut Magazine is a a labour of love put together by a group of friends in Berlin. It’s a good-looking, digital indie magazine that thrives on our passion for stunning photography, smart films and inspiring stories. An astronaut is curious, fearless and bold. Our magazine features the works of many creative people who share these qualities, from photographers to musicians, from filmmakers to illustrators. But, more importantly, we also want to be a mouthpiece for people who aren’t heard from enough. Sharing these stories in a personal and unique way, Astronaut Magazine offers an exciting way to interact with video, image and text. It is an immersive experience that celebrates all those who dare to explore the limits of creativity and all those who revel in new discovery. This one’s for you.


The teaser trailer for issue 3 takes you around the world, through the issue and back again in 63 seconds.

Astronaut Magazine is a space where independent filmmakers, photographers, and other artists can show and talk about their work and pet projects, which are often completed in their spare time, with little to no funding and minimal technical support. As a reader and user, you are given a front row seat to fascinating stories while getting to know these protagonists through interviews, videos, and photo series. These characters are sometimes in front of the camera, sometimes behind it, and occasionally on either side of it.

The use of film allows you to delve right into these stories and the iPad’s interactive capabilities allows you to manipulate and engage firsthand with the content; making the magazine a wholly immersive experience. Astronaut Magazine thrives on stories about people who are undaunted by the untried and untested and who are not afraid to be too ambitious. It is a stage for the courageous, for the unflinching and for the daydreamer in all of us.

This third issue of Astronaut Magazine explores the basic impulse to take in and be inspired by your surroundings. Each project is particular to the environment in which it was created, whether it’s on a highway on the West coast of America or on the icy planes of the South Pole. Because of this, each story carries a distinct and palpable sense of place. This sense is shaped by the feelings and meaning attached to these places by the filmmakers, photographers and artists we’ve chosen for this issue.

Finally, the second mission is a go. We’re back to report on beautiful stories and intelligent films. We’re thrilled with the feedback from our first issue, which has definitely encouraged us to keep going, to keep growing, and to keep improving. This is our second and more confident step towards realizing a fantastic digital magazine that is dedicated to both stimulating content and a clear editorial design. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Astronaut Magazine was born from an intense desire to tell great stories, whether these feature famous filmmakers, undiscovered rookies or unknown amateurs. We want to bring together stories about people who can’t help but try to accomplish great things, about people who are passionate, interesting and driven. In this first issue, we have chosen our videos, photographs and words carefully and given these three interacting elements the space to tell a whole, uninterrupted, fascinating story. Houston, we have an app!