CORPUS is a new customer magazine aimed as much at decision makers in the construction industry as at architects, structural engineers, urban planners and product designers. Its focus is on the review and analysis of current issues in the fields of urbanization, architecture, infrastructure and sustainability – all of which have a major effect on how we will live in the future, worldwide.



Astronaut Magazine is showcased in “Designing News”, Francesco Franchi’s perceptive book about the future of the news and media industries in our digital age.  Available at Gestalten Shop

We spent a Sunday in Hamburg, where Herr von Eden introduced his closest friends for the newest issue of INTERVIEW.de.
Thank you to everyone! – Micka | February 2015

Fin and Lou just hit the App Store today and are about to start their world trip. We worked on it for the last year with a wonderful client and are proud to suggest it for the quiet moments this Christmas. Start the engines!

Thanks Peter from The Flipping Pages Blog for the shout-out on MagCulture! We’re delighted to be your favourite digital magazine at the moment.

Read the interview below for thoughts on the future magazine publishing, merging print with digital, and supporting children’s literacy through the inspired Magazine Diaries project.

Here is the first in our series of portraits of people in Berlin doing extraordinary things. Heinz Risse is one of 500 beekeepers in Berlin who collectively produce up to 150 tons of honey per year. We met up with Heinz in the Prinzessinnengarten to talk about bees and transforming beekeeping into a natural, basic and sustainable practice. Read the rest here!

Thank you to FORM Magazine for asking me to write about kid’s apps.  Oleg Stavitsky, CEO Bubl, stopped by at our place and showed currents apps and prototypes to my daughter. It has been a pleasure to talk to the guys behind Bubl and Tinybop. – Micka

Le Semeur – Film is a portrait of Patrice, a dedicated grower and artist living on his farm “La Société des Plantes” in the Kamouraska Valley in rural Quebec. Filmmaker Julie Perron tells us about filming in Quebec, what attracted her to Patrice’s story and more. Go on, have a look.

“It explores the Do-It-Yourself movement today, and is designed to empower viewers. The starting point is a trilogy of Detroit-based short docs: an urban farmer, a hacker and a woman/trans/queer bike collective strive to turn the crisis into an opportunity. Each film displays sharable quotes for the viewer to spread the protagonists’ ideas on her/his own social networks. From there, DIY Manifesto bridges Detroit to Europe: short articles tell viewers about ongoing DIY initiatives in France, Germany, Spain, etc.”

We met up with director Nora Mandray to talk about the interactive documentary Detroit, je t’aime on the old Airport Tempelhof airstrip, shortly before attending a screening at 2014’s Hot Docs in Toronto. Read the full interview on our blog! – Sophia | April 2014

A few weeks ago, an invitation from Hot Docs 2014 arrived in the mail. A few phone calls later, we were all set and ready to make our way to chilly Canada for this year’s international documentary festival, conference and market. The filmmakers, the other delegates and the festival crew were a friendly bunch of people and it has been an honor tobe part of this great event. Read more… – Micka | May 2014

Stefan Kaetz/NEUWERKEN invited us to talk about the production process of Astronaut Magazine as part of his class. Come around, if you happen to have some time left on a Friday morning in Hamburg.

9.5.2014 / 11.00  / Room F 142 — here: HAW Hamburg Finkenau.

VIEDRAM_VISUAL CULTURE is the international festival dedicated to the new frontiers of sound and motion graphics, organized by Fefè Project and Istituto Europeo di Design. We were invited to share the stage with the people behind WIRED Italy and La Repubblica among others. Thank you for your hospitality and the great food. There are more pictures on the festival’s website. – Micka | November 2011

We teamed up with Erased Tapes to document a live recording of Peter Broderick’s new single “I’ve tried” from his forthcoming new album “These Walls of Mine”. Premiered via Noisey.com on Monday, August 20 2012. – Micka | August 2012