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Astronaut is a magazine developed by a bunch of friends for the iPad.


The magazine-app, featuring 90 minutes of video content, includes reports, interviews, documentaries and music videos. For fans of the traditional print format, Astronaut is presented in a classic editorial design with expressive photography and clear typography which can be expanded on several interactive levels on the iPad. Users will find text to read, photos to admire and arrange, and videos to watch. There are also some photo series that are not obvious at first glance and astute users are rewarded with pleasant little surprises upon their discovery.

Prepare for ignition. Prepare to be launched into an orbit far from any you have known before. Houston, we have an app!

The current issue is available on theĀ App Store.

Issue 3 Preview

Collective identity and sense of place is one of the primary social functions of residential differentiation for most people in modern societies.

Sense of place helps to protect the region’s cultural heritage and promote cultural awareness and strong kinship ties.

The ancient Platonic approach to memory is focused on recollective experience. Recollection promotes access to transpersonal memorial and involves a turning inward, a withdrawal of attachments to the external world, and a gathering-in or coming to presence of the self. These recollective experiences may underlie the sense of place, boundaries, personal identity, and human autonomy.

Access and territory are aspects of the mental image of space. More importantly, the identification of places, as well as their organization into mental structures, not only allows people to function effectively but is also a source of emotional security, pleasure and understanding. We take delight in physically distinctive, recognizable locales and attach our feelings and meanings to them. Place character is often recalled with affection; its lack is a frequent subject of popular complaint. People are pleased to “know” a great city, or to understand its history. Indeed, a strong sense of place supports our sense of personal identity. For that reason, familiar features of a landscape are often fiercely defended.