Sandfontein Lodge 


We took a trip to the far south of Namibia to visit some friends and to work on their website. Lucky for us, they run a lodge located at the centre of the Sandfontein Nature and Game Reserve. The reserve stretches across 200,000 acres of semi-desert terrain and is bordered by 25 kilometers of the Orange River, which lends the area its rich natural diversity. Sandfontein is home to rare semi-desert shrubs, wetland birds, freshwater fish as well as a few of the usual suspects: leopards, cheetahs, elands, zebras, giraffes, impalas and baboons, amongst others. We spent ten days living in the lodge, each morning waking up to a rising sun that slowly tinted the landscape with all of its beautiful colors. We took a trip down the Orange River where you can fish, watch herons feed by the waterline or paddle in a canoe. We walked with skilled trackers and traced the steps of wild animals. We experienced absolute silence and were humbled by the immense beauty of the rugged nature and rippling mountains.

Astronaut was commissioned to redesign their website and create new content, i.e. short films. We thought it would be cool to make a film featuring our friends, Rodi and Willi, that would tell us and future guests about the reserve’s great location, the lodge’s eco- conscious bungalows and their important conservation work.

WHAT: Video, Website & Brand Development

FOR: Sandfontein Lodge & Nature Reserve

WHERE: near Karasburg, Namibia


WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT: Gaya Mariola Gajewska